What We Do

Our team is developing timely and comprehensive products, events, and tools laser-focused on building a clean energy future with working people at the center. Check out what we have done so far.

Our team regularly conducts new and policy-relevant research to address the climate crisis and support working people across America.

From full-length reports to whitepapers, our team of experts in the labor and climate science spaces delve into critical, place-specific questions. Our products seek to provide roadmaps to help get us to an equitable, inclusive clean energy future.

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Convening Stakeholders

Choosing between protecting the planet and preserving our livelihoods is a false choice: We must do both.

So, we are conducting workshops across the country on how to decarbonize regional economies while preserving and creating good-paying union jobs.

We are proud that the Labor Energy Partnership (LEP) enthusiastically brings together leaders from organized labor, businesses and industry, the policy space, environmental organizations, and impacted communities to seek solutions in line with all of our priorities, together. LEP believes in building a broad coalition in order to address the climate crisis. It is our priority to ensure all options are on the table and diverse views are heard over the course of our work.

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With an accomplished and storied leadership from the AFL-CIO, Energy Futures Initiative, and union affiliates like IBEW and UMWA, the LEP is routinely at the forefront of the local and national conversations related to jobs and the climate.

Our principles help bring urgency, nuance, and inclusive lenses to the climate policy debate by disseminating insights, perspectives and solutions into community-based events and media.

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The LEP team engages the public at many levels.

We host meetings and workshops, offer testimony to policy makers, and engage union members, reporters, elected officials, and supporters via social media. A transition cannot succeed without the engagement and partnership of the very workers who will build a clean energy future, so LEP strives to be as transparent and open as possible.

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