Lonnie R. Stephenson

President, International President of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers and Vice-Chair, AFL-CIO Energy Committee

Lonnie R. Stephenson is president of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW), the largest energy union in the world, representing 775,000 active and retired members in North America. 

A journeyman wireman by trade, Stephenson has emerged as a leading voice for on-the-job excellence, strong labor-management partnerships, and balancing the needs for action on climate change with respect and dignity for working people.

Stephenson is vice chair of the non-partisan U.S. Council on Competitiveness, where he plays a key role in leveraging technology to advance a pro-growth agenda in energy, manufacturing and computing. As a board member of the  Nuclear Energy Institute, Stephenson helps promote the 24/7 source that provides more than 50 percent of the carbon-free energy in the United States. He is also co-chair of LAMPAC, the largest national labor-management partnership in the utility industry. In April, Stephenson joined heads-of-state, world leaders and global innovators for President Biden’s Climate Leaders Summit.         

In 2020, he served on the Democratic National Committee platform committee, where he championed nuclear energy, carbon capture and good jobs in the renewable energy industry. As co-chair of the Biden campaign’s Climate Engagement Advisory Council, Stephenson was an outspoken proponent of achieving the nation’s energy goals while preserving quality jobs and workers’ rights. He served on the Biden transition committee, lending his counsel to the new administration in personnel and policy matters as a trusted advisor.

Founded in 1891, the IBEW  represents workers in construction, utility, manufacturing, telecommunications, broadcast, and railroad, as well as government employees. 

Lonnie R. Stephenson