Kevin Knobloch

Distinguished Associate, EFI

Kevin Knobloch is a Distinguished Fellow at Energy Futures Initiative and President of Knobloch Energy, an independent consulting firm providing strategic and tactical guidance to mission- driven companies, agencies and nonprofit organizations in the clean-energy and clean technology sectors. Previously, Knobloch was president of New York OceanGrid LLC, where he led Anbaric’s efforts to develop OSW transmission in New York from April 2018 to October 2020. Prior to joining Anbaric, Knobloch was a senior research fellow at the Center for International Environment and Resource Policy at the Tuft University’s Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, where he co-authored the report titled Clean Energy Policy and Expanding Markets: Insights from Corporate, Labor and Investor Leaders. Knobloch was chief of staff of the Department of Energy, collaborating with Secretary of Energy Ernest J. Moniz in that role from June 2013 through January 2017.