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Building a clean energy future with high-quality jobs for everyone

  • 7.5M Workers employed across five major energy technology sectors
  • 34% Higher wages in energy jobs than the national median
  • 57 Unions representing 12.5 million workers

The Labor Energy Partnership (LEP) is uniting climate and labor priorities

About the Partnership

To address the climate crisis and support workers and communities, the LEP develops timely research that provides actionable recommendations for clean energy policy.

Meet Our Team

The LEP, formed in 2020, is based on a shared commitment of the AFL-CIO and the Energy Futures Initiative. Meet the team creating a framework for good jobs in a low-carbon future.

What We Do

  • Community and Economy
  • Clean Infrastructure
  • Clean Energy Supply Chains
  • Clean Technology
  • Policy and Legislation
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OUR first-ever lep fact sheet:



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We’re thrilled to share our report on building a robust domestic #supplychain to support the emerging #offshorewind industry in the United States.

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Our team is developing timely and comprehensive products, events, and tools laser-focused on building a clean energy future with working people at the center. Check out what we have done so far.